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Titanique: Une Parode Musical

Currently Playing Off Broadway at the Daryl Roth Theatre, NYC- Associate Director

Director: Tye Blue

Choreographer: Ellenore Scott
Music: Nicholas Connell

Book: Marla Mindelle, Constantine Rousuli, Tye Blue

Producer: Eva Price
Set Designer: Gabe Evanson Grace Laubacher
Costume Designer: Alejo Vietti
Lighting Designer: Paige Seber
Sound Designer: Lawrence Schober
Casting Director: Rachel Hoffman, Telsey

Celine Dion Marla Mindelle

Jack Dawson Constantine Rousuli

Rose Dewitt Bukkater Carrie St. Louis

Ruth Duwitt Bukkater Russell Daniels

Cal Hockley John Riddle

Iceberg/ Seaman Avionce Hoyles

Molly Brown Desiree Rodriguez

Victor Garber Frankie Grande

Background Vocalists Donnie Hammond,

Blu Noise, Courtney Bassett

Swings Kristina Waltz and Brad Greer

Creative Team




"TITANIQUE IS F*CKING GREAT! Swim, dont walk to see this Celine Dion Jukebox fantasia!"
- Vulture
"SENSATIONAL, HILARIOUS AND DERANGED. Titanique is, by a nautical mile, the funniest musical in town"
- New York Post
"Just when you think it cant get any better, #Titanique makes you love it more, with a glow up even more impactful and irresistible! You are guaranteed to laugh your Iceberg off!"
-People Magazine
"A sold out smash, a fever dream miracle created to manifest pure joy"
-The Daily Beast
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