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Red Winter

Played at Ophelia Theatre NYC in 2019

Director: Billie Aken-Tyers

Writer: Anthony Mercado
Lighting/Scenic Designer: Shelby Loera

LEON: Michael Tubman
RAISA: Samantha Morales
ANTON: Ryan Murnane
POLINA: Jillian Guerts
PASHA: AJ Pacheco
SASHA: Sean Barry Parsons
OTTO: Joe Mcgurl
MISHA: Kevin Ruiter

Creative Team




"This new riff on Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale finds us in revolutionary Russia, where five years of civil war and upheaval have finally given way to an uneasy peace. But as the victorious Comrade Leon attempts to restore order, a hapless miner named Anton triggers a catastrophic accident, leaving a national disaster in his wake. His punishment? Desertion on an island in the Caspian Sea, at the mercy of a sedulous singing drifter -- and his equally-talented bear."

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